Commercial Photo Gallery

Water damage and flooding of large store

This large commercial building sustained significant water damage and flooding from a fire sprinkler discharge.  Approximately 5000 square feet of retail space was affected and required water extraction and drying equipment.  The professionals at SERVPRO had the entire store open for business first thing in the morning.

Commercial Cleaning

In addition to water, fire, smoke and mold damages, the expert crews at SERVPRO perform commercial cleanups after construction.  This photo illustrates the heavy amount of dust and dirt build up after construction or repairs.

Professional tools in restoration

The expert professionals at SERVPRO are trained and equipped with the latest tools to detect excess moisture and monitor the drying process.  In this photo, a technician uses a hammer probe to test the moisture levels deep inside wood framing.

After hours response team

Our professional crews are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays.  This commercial facility sustained a major water damage and flooding over a holiday weekend.  The damage would have multiplied if the response team waited until the next business day.

Commercial building flooding from second floor

The commercial facility had a water pipe break on the second floor.  This caused significant flooding to the main level below.  The main level drop ceiling, insulation and drywall all needed to be removed.  Commercial drying equipment was installed to dry the wood framing.

Commercial Carpet Extraction

Commercial buildings are often filled with glued down carpet.  When a flood or water damage happens, the carpet needs to be extracted right away to prevent the glue from breaking down.  This photo illustrates how much water can be removed during the extraction process.  A quick response can be the difference between saving or replacing the carpet after a flood or water damage.