Water Damage Photo Gallery

Washing machine overflow

This washing machine malfunctioned and flooded several rooms of this house.  A quick response by the professionals at SERVPRO limited the water damage and had the house ready for repairs in 48 hours.  Water damages and floods require a quick response to shorten drying times, reduce expenses and get the customer back to normal as soon as possible.

Sewer backup into bathtub

Almost any plumbing fixture is capable of having the main sewer line backup grossly contaminated water into it.  In these types of floods, safety is the utmost priority.  The water which comes from the sewer usually contains bacteria and viruses that can be life long problems for humans if they become infected.

Water damage to wood floor

When a water damage saturates wood flooring, the results can be very visual.  Here is a photo of the wood floor "cupping" due to water entering the edges of the wood joints and causing swelling.

Water damage in bedroom carpet

In this photo, a water damage in a master bedroom flooded into the carpet and walls of the master bedroom.  This caused damage to the wooden legs of the bed and dresser.  

Broken supply line behind toilet

One of the most common water damage source is from a broken supply line behind toilet.  This source can cause up to 4 gallons per minute to flood the house or building.  

Water damage from upstairs laundry room

When water damages or floods happen upstairs, the damage can be extensive downstairs.  This entire downstairs room needed to have all of the drywall removed because it was pulling away from the wood studs.  The removal of the drywall also allowed faster and more thorough drying of the wood studs so repairs could get started.