Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold contamination under Kitchen cabinets

This customer discovered a slow but steady drip under his Kitchen sink.  During an inspection by SERVPRO, they found the bottom of the cabinet rotted out and significant mold contamination on the wood, drywall and wood sub-floor.  In 48 hours, the professional crew at SERVPRO had remediated all the mold contaminated materials and the remaining materials dried.

Mold under carpet and pad

This carpet was wet from a water damage for a few days while the customer was on vacation.  The mold contamination was growing on the back of the carpet, on the carpet pad and on the concrete floor.  The mold growth was not digesting the concrete, but instead was digesting the over spray of paint from the original construction of the home.

Mold in wall cavity behind a shower

This customer had a slow leak water damage in the wall behind their shower.  When the customer saw their baseboard was wet and swollen in the room behind the shower, they knew to call the professionals at SERVPRO for help.  After removing the baseboard and finding mold, the experienced crew knew to remove the drywall to find the much larger problem behind the shower.

Quick mold growth

When water damage or flooding is not addressed quickly, mold growth can occur and increase the scope and expense of the job.  This baseboard was only wet for 48 hours before mold growth started.  There was also mold growth in the wall cavity so the drywall needed to be removed, instead of dried.

Mold on inside of drywall

Mold growth thrives in contained areas with very little air flow.  When excess water in drywall and wood studs is left for days or weeks, often times mold growth occurs.  At this point, the affected drywall should be removed and the wood studs require mold remediation procedures.  These steps are significantly more costly than drying them out when the flooding occurred.

Mold damage under Kitchen sink

This customer found extensive mold contamination under their Kitchen sink.  They knew to call the experts at SERVPRO for professional assistance with their mold remediation.  Knowing who to call is a major step in the right direction for any project.