Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Roof leak caused mold behind a picture

After a wind a rain storm, this customer move a picture on the wall to find mold growth.  When the experts at SERVPRO inspected her home, the crew discovered the customer had a roof leak from the wind, which caused water damage to the exterior wall.  The drywall started to dry, but where the picture was, there was no air flow and the drywall remained wet.  After several days, mold growth began behind the picture.

Roof leak from tree falling on house

This customer was gone on vacation when a heavy rain storm arrived.  A large tree in their backyard fell on to their roof and cracked several tiles, which allowed large amounts of water to flood their attic and ceiling.  The water damage was extensive in several rooms of the house.

Protecting unaffected areas to prevent damage

The use of containment barriers and heavy duty cardboard rolls are essential to protecting parts of the structure from further damage.  The restoration professionals at SERVPRO are heavily trained to prevent further damage during restoration.

Containment barriers

Containment barriers are a major tool which SERVPRO professionals use on a daily basis.  These barriers are easy to install and can limit dust contamination during demolition.  The barriers also limit the drying area to speed up the drying process.

Roof leak caused a ceiling to collapse

During a heavy rain storm, this customer's roof gutter clogged with leaves and caused water to flood the attic.  The excess water soaked the upstairs closet walls and carpet.  Then the excess water collapsed the drywall ceiling in their living room on the first floor.

Rain storm damage to roof and walls

This photo illustrates the use of thermal imaging to pin point water damage during an inspection.  Our trained professionals utilize this technology to quickly find water damage and sources of water intrusion.